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January 07, 2018


Myself and my cousin went away for New Year to Dublin which is one of my favourite cities in the entire world..I will be doing a blog post on my trip.

As some of you may, or may not be aware, a large proportion of Lush stores across the UK,Europe and I guess the U.S.A as well hold post Christmas/New year sale’s.

I’ve never been shopping in Dublin before but our hotel was lovely and it had a bath so between the f=drinking of cider and Guiness and Jigging, we decided to go for a wander and of course we could smell lush a mile off so we went straight to Lush, thinking everything would be gone, but it had all the Christmas items 50% off E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G..I mean wow thats a bargain and a half.I couldn't buy as much as I would have liked too as I couldn't have brought it back..But we had luxury going out and hangover ya know!worth it.

This is what I bought...

Lush Intergalactic gift set which included.

Shoot For the Stars bath bomb.

A deep shade of blue and decorated with three golden stars across the surface, this bath bomb is packed full of orange oil and bergamot oil - two ingredients that give this bomb a rich and very calming but sweet aroma. The six stars are all little bath melts made from cocoa butter and almond oil, and as the stars separate into the water, they continue to melt down leaving the skin feeling and smelling fab. I think this is one of the most moisturising bath bombs that I have ever used.

Intergalactic bath bomb

Intergalactic is an amazing bath bomb,It is my absoloute favourite especially in winter…Or when I habe a cold. I am a massive mint smells just like peppermint and it makes your skin so soft. When it’s in the water it is amazing lots of blue and pink foam comes shooting out making some beautiful bath art then it becomes a midnight blue with sparkles, I love it,love it,love it

Thundersnow bath bomb.

I have fallen in love Thundersnow! I was a bit cautious with the cocoa-scent, because I'm not big into chocolate-smelling things, but oh, my, goodness! It made the most beautiful turquoise water, and the minty chocolate smell was amazing. This is definitely in my top three, with Intergalactic and Luxury Lush Pud it's not as cooling or as  Intergalactic, more calming.

Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb

This bath bomb is magical and will make your skin silky smooth. The vibrant colors put on a show when dropped into the bath, and the lingering smells of lavender and Ylang Ylang will send you off into a relaxing mindset. I'm obsessed with this bath bomb and will continue to repurchase it. I wish this was an all year product because I just adore it!!

Christingle Body Conditioner.

I would love it if this was a regular stocked product and not just at winter! Where do I start.. It's an in-shower body lotion with the most amazing minty smell.The product smells so good that I sometimes even walk into my dry shower just to open it up and smell it. Just saying..Bet others do it too.Extremely moisturizing, very tingly and cooling. Smells good ), and it really clears up my sinuses when I'm stuffy,this with Intergalactic is my winter cold cocktail.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Oil Melts.

Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Oil melts..contains shea butter, almond oil and calamine. They look like sweeties..Although Im not overly into sweet sweet smells, I find these to be bearable and they leave my skin feeling silky soft.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar: I love this bubble bar, it makes lots of bubbles, and it's a very light pink color which was so pretty. There was a little bit of shimmer, not a whole lot.With a sugary-sweet vanilla and candyfloss smell, this product would appeal to anyone with a sweet-tooth and a nose for sugar. It smells absolutely divine,My top bubble bar is the Comforter but this is a close one.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

December 05, 2017

Let it snow,let it snow, let it Snow....Ella.

Hi Guys, Sorry my blog posts have been so far and few between,,,Uni has been kicking my booty with Essay's and Exams butttt I am going to do a review on the Zoella Snowella Range..Well on the products I have..Which is a few bits and bobs..Now anyone that knows me knows...I loved last years range, especially the hungry hands hand cream which I am still obsessed with..This new scent is hard to explain really..but the key notes in the set features mint,cranberry,peony and pink pepper which smells a lot better than it sounds. . It is not a typical Christmas smell at all, But its very clean and fresh. Also I know there has been a lot of controversy around Zoella recently but make like Elsa and let it go peeps!.

Zoella Snowella Merry and Bright Shimmer Bubble Bath.

Gives amazing bubbles! Had the nicest bath along with the 'brew me a bath' set! The scent is so calming and fresh! Love it! The product inside is beautiful and makes great bubbles and the packaging is just gorgeous. The bottle is glass which makes it feel super luxurious and the subtle glitter in the product makes it look divine. So worth the money..I can’t believe this is only £8!

Zoella Snowella Brew Me a Bath Splash Of Milk Bath Treats.
I love a bath, Bath Oils, Bath bombs,bubbles..However in Zoe's last range she brought out  a bath milk , which was so interesting to me, I found it just a different way to enjoy a bath, So I was most intrigued and excited when it was released in this range too I really like the "tea" concept (brew + milk) I had often seen in some Youtubers videos that places offer these bath teabags but they were majorly expensive however Zoe’s teabags smell amazing and are kind to the skin. Also how cute is the packaging and design. The only negative is that we can't purchase in bigger packs or won’t be available after Christmas, as I would love to use this regularly. Right, I'm off for a bath!

Snow Silky - Body Lotion

This is the same formulation as all the other Zoella Body Lotions so it makes your skin just as soft. The best thing about it is that you don't need a lot and it sinks in very fast without feeling greasy or the wet feeling that some lotions leave you with.

Zoella Snowella Hand Cream Winter Wonder Hand

I am a big fan of hand creams, like previously mentioned the hungry hands ginger cream one from last year smells amazing and helped my normally dry hands.This hand cream smells amazing but also leaves your hand very moisturised and lasts a long time .
Snowella Snow Balmy Lip Balm.

Both lip balms left my lips super soft and nourished. The texture is lovely, not at all sticky. "Snow Sparkle" looked amazing over the top of my matte lipstick and really brightened the look. "Snow Soft" I have been putting on before bed and my lips feel so much more moisturised because of it.
Zoella Snowella Perfume.

Beautiful packaging and lovely fragrance,This fragrance is really fresh so it is different to anything that I would usually buy or wear but I really like it.It lasts long and I have been complimented on it a few times.

Over all, I really like this collection, I don't care how old I am or if I'm not her target audience cause it smells so fricking good and uplifting.Zoe has nailed the Winter vibes with this yet another triumph.


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